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About us


Inspired by the history and beauty of Durham Valley, along the Susquehanna Turnpike (from where the company gets its name) I strive to make great, all natural products. 

Cottage Industry: Handmade in small batches,  in a small home based shop along the historic Susquehanna Turnpike in upstate New York's Greene county. On property originally belonging to Captain John Newell, farmer, innkeeper, and veteran of the American Revolution. The ingenuity and spirit of those orginal settlers lives on in my artisanal products. 

All natural: I incorporate natural ingredients into all my products. It all started three years ago, with a desire to stop using commercial products with names of chemicals I couldn't pronounce, and fragrances that made my head hurt. I began making my own soap, using nothing more than Vegetable shortening, Olive oil,  and Coconut oil as base ingredients with real Essential oils and Botanicals. After a few other folks used the soap, I began getting requests for Christmas and birthday gifts. After that, a few local retailers who had experienced the great feel of my soaps inquired about wholesaling them in their shops. Forming the company soon followed. Today I not only make soap, but also Bath Bombs, and seasonal lip balms. I'll soon introduce natural soy candles, and liquid Castile Soap. No matter how many new products I introduce, my commitment to making good, all natural products will never waiver.